Rose Marie Feminine Form Exquisite Form


CONSORCIO CORSETERO LTD. Is a private company. Created 45 years ago, with the objective in mind of meeting women’s intimate clothing needs.

That is why we decided to design and produce a lingerie brand that made women feel comfortable, refined and fashionable.

Since our beginnings, when the company successfully marketed the international brands, EXQUISITE FORM and WARNER’s and still today with our brand ROSE MARIE, we have sustained a strong quality positioning, portraying excellence in design, craftsmanship and a competitive pricing. Our designs are in constant evolution, always seeking to offer better quality and products to customers and of course to every woman wishing comfort.

The quality of our products has allowed us to expand in to more than 11 countries, with outstanding performance in each of the markets; due to product distinctiveness there has been a positive response.

We can conclude that our product edge is due to high quality standards; we use the finest materials and craftsmanship. This results in a product that offers quality, comfort and a perfect fit.



Our products are designed with the objective of offering women comfort for all occasions. Our collection is always at the head of the women’s intimate apparel design.

We are leaders in the manufacturing of bras, long line bras, corsettes, control girdles, panties, thongs and camisoles. Our collection has built a great reputation with the brands: ROSE MARIE – FEMININE FORM – EXQUISITE FORM.

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